Position Statement

Backyard Dogs

You see one in every community, a dog tied day after day to a back porch or fence, lying lonely on a pad of bare, packed dirt.

Dying for attention

Dogs are instinctually pack animals. Forcing a dog to live away from its human goes against the dog’s most basic instinct. If you doubt this, think of all the whining, barking, clawing dogs you have seen tied alone outside. Abandoned, but chained up, backyard dogs cannot move to comfort, shelter, or companionship. Most often their water and food bowls are empty.

Dogs can offer people the gifts of steadfast devotion, abiding love, and joyful companionship. Unless people accept these offerings and take the time to return them in kind, it is best to not to get a dog. A sad, lonely, bewildered dog tied out back only suffers, and what sort of person wants to maintain suffering.