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Animals Skinned for Fur

A big animal welfare issue is the lack of compassion in fashion. There is not any humane way to make a fur coat. Here are just a few facts you may not know about how those beautiful coats are made.

Animal farms

The most common and gruesome form of killing is by electrocution. An electrical cable is clamped onto the animal’s mouth and another inserted into the rectum. The animal screams and suffers extreme pain during this process.

Wild animals

Most trapped animals are caught in a steel-jaw leghold trap — a device so inhumane that it has been banned in 65 countries but not in the United States. An animal caught in one of these traps is said to experience pain comparable to a human getting his hand slammed in a car door and then not being able to remove it. If the animal does not immediately die, it could succumb to starvation, dehydration, freezing temperatures, or predator attacks. If the animal is still alive, trappers kill them in any number of ways, including a blow to the chest (to suffocate the creature or crush his heart), drowning, or a hit in the head with a blunt instrument.

The laws

Just like trapping, there are no laws regulating how animals may be killed, so anything goes.

Help stop the suffering

Ask your friends and family not to buy furs or any product with fur lining. Let others know that wearing clothing made from so much suffering is not fashionable. If there is not a market for fur coats, these animals will no longer be trapped or raised for their fur.