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American Humane Hero Dog Awards®

Recognizing ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards® are a nationwide campaign that recognizes heroes on both ends of the leash and reaches millions of people each year. Hundreds of nominees compete, and only one dog will be awarded the American Hero Dog title. The seven lucky finalists and their human companions are featured on the nationwide broadcast of the Hero Dog Awards on Hallmark Channel each fall.

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American Hero Dog – Luca

Stuck in the mud and desperate for help, an elderly man was saved by a very unlikely hero – a huge German Shepard named Luca. It was a hot summer day in the year 2016 when two elderly men decided to visit a large salvage yard in Texas to look for car parts. After a little bit of time, one…
Savannah Young / August 3, 2020

American Hero Dog: Adak

On January 14, 2008, the Kabul Serena Hotel in Afghanistan was hit by a terrorist attack, and many guests of the hotel were trapped inside. The U.S. Army was at the hotel in minutes and helped to evacuate 20 people while the terrorists were still active at the scene. The integral leader of that army force was Adak – a…
Savannah Young / July 22, 2020