Position Statement

Cloning pets

American Humane has many reservations regarding pet cloning. The issue raises many scientific and ethical concerns.

One concern is the existing epidemic of pet overpopulation. Each year, millions of animals are euthanized in shelters across the country simply because there are not enough homes available. Care of these animals costs taxpayers millions of dollars annually. Pet cloning would only add to America’s serious pet overpopulation problem. Another concern is that pet cloning does not recreate a family’s beloved companion animal. The bond between a person and a pet, as well as life experiences, shapes a pet’s personality. This bond and these experiences cannot be replicated in a scientific laboratory.

Another concern is that the science of cloning pets is in its infancy. How safe is the cloning process itself? It takes many attempts to create one successful clone. Unfortunately, the unsuccessfully cloned animals can end up deformed or enduring great suffering. Cloned animals are prone to disease, malformation, and a shortened life span.

American Humane asserts that pets don’t have to be the same as former companion animals for them to find a place in your heart. American Humane encourages you to visit your local shelter and make a new friend.