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Adoption Stories

Behind every rescued dog there is an amazing story. And by sharing yours, you just might inspire others to adopt a homeless dog of their own.

Did you adopt your dog from an animal shelter or rescue group?

If so, email us and tell us about your adoption experience in one or two paragraphs. You can also attach a photo of your adopted dog, although it’s not required. If you’d like your name to appear, please include it in the email. We’ll review your story and post it here for other adopters and potential adopters to read.

Submitted by Rob D.

We decided to adopt a retired racing greyhound after our beloved Afghan/golden retriever mix, Sophie, died. We contacted the greyhound adoption group and they decided we should meet Wishbone. We had seen him at a meet-and-greet for greyhounds and been struck by what a beautiful black-and-white dog he was, but we were told that someone else was already planning to adopt him. It turned out that several others had first shot at adopting him, but they were all put off by his having to be dragged from the back room of his foster home, obviously terrified. He was waiting just for us, it seemed. It took an hour before we could sit by him and touch him, but we decided he just needed a home and love, and he would be alright.

The truth is, it took a lot of effort after he came home with us, and there were times we almost gave up. Finally, we decided to accept him on his terms. He needed a quiet home where he could lay peacefully on the couch and run circles in the backyard and have unconditional love. We accepted that he would never be able to even go on a simple walk with us, as he found the world too scary.

But Django (his new name) became the perfect dog in so many ways. He is the sweetest and most gentle dog I have ever known, and our lives have been enriched greatly by sharing our home with him. He is beloved by all our friends now, even the ones who suggested we give up on him. As a greyhound who relaxes peacefully on his couch all day but needs to run, our backyard has suffered greatly. Where there had been a lawn, there is now just a dirt “racetrack.” There are also large holes where he engages in his life’s happiest moments — digging. We just let it be for now.

Some sad day, when he is gone, the lawn will come back and the holes will be filled, and our backyard will be beautiful again. And I know I will stand at night in the yard and remember the way he always ran in the dark when his world was quiet and safe, the very vision of a dog who was born to do just that, to run with grace and power and speed. I will never think the lawn a more beautiful thing than those memories.

Scooby Doo
Submitted by Julie B.

Right in the midst of losing our home and illness invading my body, we adopted Scooby Doo. We had been volunteering with a rescue and had met Scooby there. He was deemed the “vicious beagle.” We already had two dogs and were worried that the “vicious beagle” might not fit in. We decided to give it a shot and are so happy we did. He has been ANYTHING BUT vicious. He kept us laughing through the most difficult time of our lives. He made us laugh more than any dog we ever had met. He is the most affectionate dog ever! Every night he sleeps in between me and my husband with my husband’s arm around him. He has been a blessing and an angel.

Emily and Chester
Submitted by Yvonne D.

Our house was so lonely without a dog. We lost our dear Carmie two years ago, and our cat is wonderful but not the same. As the second anniversary of Carmie’s going over the Rainbow Bridge came along, Tom and I decided we would visit some shelters. There are so many deserving pets in shelters and so many shelters to visit, so there was never any doubt that our dog, whoever that turned out to be, was waiting at a shelter for us. We took to visiting our local shelters and visiting many dogs. A prime problem was finding an adult dog that was used to cats.

Then one day, we saw Chester. Chester was a 7-year-old coon hound who came to the Longmont Humane Society from Kindness Ranch, a Wyoming shelter that rescues lab animals. Chester had spent his entire life in a lab for nutritional studies. No abuse, but no love, either. Chester won our hearts! He was shy, but happy. He loved the big, fenced-in backyard although it was clear he did not know what to do in it! Mostly, he nosed his way around the edges, sniffing to his heart’s content. Over and over, he would come back to us and give us a long stare, as if to say, “Am I staying here?” We told the wonderful woman who brought Chester to us that we wanted two dogs. “Well,” she said, “I have a dog that you will love — her name is Emily and she’s been at Kindness Ranch with Chester, so they are great friends.”

Sometimes life happens properly. Sometimes the world listens when you wish. Emily, a tree walker hound, is so beautiful and such a dear; when we met her we fell in love right away. She’s only 2, but her entire young life had been lived in a kennel. Today, Chester and Emily are happy in our home. They love each other and sleep near each other everywhere. Emily must always be near Chester. When we walk them every morning, if Chester gets ahead of Emily, he stops to wait for her to catch up. The two of them are still settling in, of course, and learning how to play (no one had ever played with them before). Watching them bloom has made our home happy, full of life and a warm, sunny place to be. These two shelter dogs, denied the happy life of being a family dog, are learning that the world has a lot of interesting smells and events and people in it. We are so lucky to have them at our house, under our feet, licking us awake every morning.

Submitted by Marcy G.

We were looking to find a dog shortly after we bought our house and went on PetFinder.com to search for shelter dogs. We went to see one, but it was too big and I felt very bad leaving it. Then I saw one that said Lab and basset hound mix. She was with Jersey Animal Coalition in Maplewood, N.J., with a foster mom. We went and met her, and she was very shy and reserved. We loved her though. We said we would be back the next night because I wanted to get a crate, water, food bowl, food and toys for her. We also found out that her real name was Marcie, but the foster mom changed her name to Jasmin because her grandkids like the movie Aladdin. Once I saw her name was originally Marcie, I knew it was fate. We came back the next night with my niece who wasn’t there the first night. Jasmin loved her and came right out with us to my husband’s truck. She remembered us. She has been with us ever since. I would definitely adopt again through a shelter. They are great dogs and are looking for love. You don’t need a special breed to love a dog.

Submitted by Dianna H.

In December 2001, I went to Winnebago Animal Services to look for a dog to adopt. I had very specific criteria: female, 1 to 3 years old, non-shedder. Boy, was I surprised to find this little shivering gal! She is a bichon/poodle mix and was approximately 2 years old. She had been released by her previous owners because they didn’t want her any more. They had never had her groomed, so the shelter techs had shaved her bald, saving only one little tuft of white hair on the top of her head.

I was going through a difficult time in my life, so when I took her into the get-acquainted room, I started to cry and she jumped into my lap and licked away my tears. I promised her she would never have another bad hair day, and she promised to fill my heart. Both promises have been kept and she is a wonderful member of my family.

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August 26, 2016
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